Residents of Sault Ste Marie Ontario inform yourself before entering the emergency department;

Maltreatment of sick patient's waiting for medical assistance in Canadian Emergency Department is not acceptable or ethical.

Recently on the Public Social Media site Facebook an employee of the Sault Ste Marie Area Hospital was scrutinizing an ill patient who had been waiting to see a doctor. Christina Olsen who works in The Emergency Department of the Sault Area Hospital as a ward clerk, found it comical for her public Facebook audience to know of an ill patient that had presented in The Emergency Department during her work shift August 26 2013 .(see attachment/link)

Demeaning words were clearly a lack of empathy for the ill patient, and any other patient that enters the Emergency Department of the Sault Ste. Marie Hospital. This public malicious statements on Facebook shows complete lack of empathy for the ill patient waiting for a doctor. Ms. Olsen refers to the patients "I have a tummy ache face" and stating the ill patient should "Just go sit down"... Where is the humanity and compassion for the patient in the statement? Employees who work in Hospital's of Canada including Ontario should show kindness for the sick.

Ms. Olsen is employed by The Sault Area Hospital, S.A.H., she works in the center of The Emergency Department. Patients arriving in the Emergency ward are sick and distraught, if not in critical conditions; expecting non-preferential treatment.

Recently The National Canadian News Corporations have published articles concerning public deaths from maltreatment in Emergency Hospital waiting rooms.

On Sept. 19, 2008 Mr.Brian Sinclair went to the emergency room of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center , with a bladder infection and spoke with a nurse. The homeless aboriginal man stayed in the emergency room waiting room until a fellow patient notified a security guard that he was dead.

Now there is an inquest into his death.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/inquest-may-shed-light-on-why-manitoba-man-died-after-34-hour-er-wait-1.1399281#ixzz2dCDixjRf

These trusted positions that are awarded to Nurses, Doctors and Hospital Staff are commonly fail positioned and abused. Hospital employees are playing God with the members of the public. These employees are judging patients by appearance and financial status, choosing who to help and who to ridicule.

The citizens of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario who present in The Emergency Department might possibly be humiliated from members of paid staff on public social media. Their privacy and dignity will become comical relief for Hospital staff members. Is this allowed by our Government of Ontario Canada? Are Hospital Staff members allowed to speak publicly of our illnesses on Facebook?

As citizens of Canada we Expect better from our health care workers!

Residents of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada Be Careful when you enter The Emergency Department DO NOT Speak to this woman or you will be her next Facebook victim!!


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This is laughable.Even if there were an uncaring ward clerk, and this is obviously an attack for personal reasons...

the ward clerk has nothing to do with patient care or who gets seen.

You should know this, Vincent and especially Hillary.Nice try.

to Anonymous Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada #743616

I work with this woman, this is not a laughable complaint. Many of our co-workers would agree.

Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada #719834


You are twisting the words of a very professional and caring employee of Sault area hospitals, anyone that's knows you, can see that you have a personal vandetta against her. You are a sick and twisted criminal Vincent, your time will come

to Pete B Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada #740088

You consider this to be your time? You are threatening us not to become sick, you work at the Sault Ste Marie Hospital?

So the people you do not like of the Sault Ste Marie community should not be sick there. The brother of hers still stealing the medicine of the sick patients?

When your time comes it will be coming fast and full of rage, you will know that this was not your time.

See you all in Court soon you ugly miserable *** family and this is not your time yet.

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